Summoning influence from the diverse culinary melting pot known as Singapore, STRAITS captures the stunningly fragrant flavors of Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese, Indian and Nonya cuisine. Complex in aroma and diversity, these dishes are inspired by the ingredients and tastes of the region while flawlessly executed and presented.

STRAITS restaurants focus on impeccably delectable dishes that are encouraged to be shared. Discover sophisticated continental Asian fusion prepared with a passion to delight palates while uniting the flavors and spirit of the hometown of Chef Chris Yeo. Experience creativity and culinary expertise on an unrivaled journey to the metropolis known as The Lion City. Hosting a chic, contemporary atmosphere, STRAITS offers an exquisite dining environment that perfectly pairs with the exotic cuisine it serves.



Join the hip crowd that descends nightly and lounges in a strikingly designed place that is casual, yet edgy and modern. The light wood finish and Asian tropical elements mesh with industrial accents resulting in an invigorating, stylish atmosphere.

333 Santana Row Suite 1100, San Jose, CA 95128 
Phone: 408-246-6320



The warm color palette mixed with refreshingly airy modern decor makes STRAITS Burlingame the perfect choice for a relaxed lunch, upscale dinner or hip evening hangout spot. Discover a vibrant, trendy atmosphere that is welcoming and inviting. As stated by owner and acclaimed Chef Yeo, “Welcome to my humble home.”

1100 Burlingame Avenue, Burlingame, CA 94010 
Phone: 650-373-7883



With lights dangling from the ceiling, a large outdoor patio, and a contemporary industrial look, STRAITS Houston is a perfect blend between an upscale dining establishment and happening night club. Step inside the vibrant atmosphere and discover the philosophy of owner and noted restaurateur Chef Yeo, “It has always been my dream to have a restaurant to make people happy! Food is my passion and through the food I make people smile.”

800 Sorella Court, Suite 940, Houston, TX 77024 
Phone: 713-365-9922