Chris Yeo Group is committed to delighting customers through a journey of discovery based on excellent food, impeccable service, and elegant atmosphere. We stick to our traditional roots of cultural cooking methods and infuse with a modern , sophisticated flair incorporating only the freshest ingredients. Our philosophy is to always embrace the diversity of food, cultures, and life to deliver an unparalleled experience for our guests. Welcome to our home.



Summoning influence from the diverse culinary melting pot known as Singapore, STRAITS captures the stunningly fragrant flavors of Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese, Indian and Nonya cuisine. Complex in aroma and diversity, these dishes are inspired by the ingredients and tastes of the region while flawlessly executed and presented



Inspired by a vision to entice the palate through traditional Cantonese cooking techniques infused with touches of modern Chinese fusion, Sino was born. Elegantly designed to embody a sultry Shanghai style, featuring a water wall and mood that is primed for enchantment and celebration, SINO sets the tone for a culinary affair that will captivate and tantalize.



Rustic and authentically crafted American food and drink centered around a bespoke whiskey collection are the foundations of Roots & Rye. Good old fashioned dishes made with heart and soul are presented in authentic, crave-worthy familiar flavors driven by passion and quality. The eclectic mixes of tradition accented with contemporary tastes summon comforting, delicious Americana cuisine at its finest